Society of Illustrators Original Show

Last fall I had the honor of having my illustration from Charlie Piechart and the case of the Missing Pizza Slice included in the Society of Illustrators Original Show in New York. It was a fun show to attend and I got to catch up with so many amazing illustrators and editors, including the editor in the photo. This is Jill, my editor from HarperCollins and the person responsible for helping Charlie Piechart come to life. Thank you Jill.

My first Children’s Book

Charlie Piechart and the case of the missing Pizza Slice will be in bookstores September 1, 2015. And I just got my advance copies today. Wow! First of all I have to say I love the smell of newly printed books. Mmmmm, yum! The printing looks fantastic. And best of all I’ve been able to work with so many wonderful people. Top of that list is my co-author, Marilyn Sadler. This is my first children’s book but for Marilyn, it’s her 35th (plus a few more) children’s book. And she has won an Emmy for her animated series, Handy Manny.

By the way, Charlie Piechart is a young detective who uses math and deduction to solve mysteries.